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Treatment Success Stories

Adharva Mishra

Dr. Navneet Tripathi is responsible and fully professional in all ways. It has been more than 1.5 years that my mother's treatment for stage-4 MBC has been going on under him, he did a successful mastectomy and is always available for guidance. Apart from his work ethics and support, no one can deny that his demeanor is always calming which proves to be a plus point for any cancer patient. Many doctors can suggest medicine in similar ways, but if one wants a doctor who actually cares, Dr. Navneet is the one to go to.

Sanjay Kumar

Wonderful experience with Dr. Navneet Tripathi. He is the best surgeon in the city and knows his job very well. He has done a neck surgery of my father and removed a big tumor almost 6 inches in size. The surgery went very well under his supervision and my father started walking just after two days of such a big surgery. I am so glad that my father met Doctor Navneet Tripathi who is polite and explains everything very nicely. I would like to recommend him to everyone who is in need of surgery for removal of a tumor.

Saumya Sahara

Dr. Navneet Tripathi is one of the best Endocrine Surgeon in the City. He is a next generation doctor who uses the latest treatment methods to cure the patient. He is humble and available at all times to communicate thus providing personal touch to their treatment which is valued most by patients. Thank you Doctor for curing breast cancer of my aunt which has been only possible due to your assertive nature and positive attitude.

Gurbani Kaur

My mother in law had a very smooth journey with Dr. Navneet Tripathi at Health City. Her breast cancer's treatment went successful with dr's guidance personally and with the cooperative staff's care at the hospital. Thankyou Dr. and team for your constant support and making it so easy with the latest medicines and technology with your best knowledge.